Halpenfield is a certified Logi Analytics partner

Logi Analytics is the perfect product for you if you are looking for a self-service analytics tool that gives you full control. Halpenfield is in partnership with Logi to resell this application and bring you data analytics services using the Logi Analytics suite.

About Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics is a data analytics platform comprising of Logi Info (Embedded B.I.), Vison (Smart Data Discovery) and Data Hub (Data preparation).

What Logi Analytics delivers

These three form the Logi Collection and provides the intuitive and governed self-service capabilities that businesses demand.

Logi Analytics allows users to:

  • Discover data on a strong visually based platform
  • Select data sources and create sharable dashboards and /or reports with colleagues
  • White label and embed data analytics into products and daily business workflow
  • Possess self-service capabilities to deliver dashboards, reports, end-user authoring and visual analytics

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