Data Preparation

Smart Data Discovery in real time.

With data volumes exploding and a greater variety of data available to them today’s smart business users want to explore more data and discover new insights that they can apply readily to improve business strategies, processes, operations and customer engagement. Halpenfield aims to make data exploration easier and to assist users who are seeking to increase the depth and frequency of their data analytics.

Enabling users self-service analytics is becoming critical as it becomes clear that in nearly every industry organisations need to be more analytical to compete effectively. To become leaders in their respective industries and business functions companies need to apply technologies and methods that provide users with the ability to analyse data effectively without adding burdens and costs to IT. Our data preparation service is delivered to you by:

I. Data Wrangling

We convert, map and process your raw data for consumption by extracting, sorting, structuring and depositing filtered data for your use.


Our data management experts methodically excerpt data from required catalogue and refine these data to a required state and then deposit finished data to a pre-agreed database.

III. Data Integration

At Halpenfield, we systematically combine data from disparate sources using professional and methodical expertise to deliver to you, expressive and value adding information.

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