The Modern Data Architecture

19th July 2019

Leveraging cloud technologies, a modern data architecture enables a cost effective, scalable data platform to be delivered quickly. This blog explores the components of the architecture that Halpenfield deploys on a regular basis.

Warehouses, Lakes and Swamps

5th July 2019

Data warehouses and data lakes have their place in a data-driven organisation but beware that they don’t become a data swamp. This blog discusses and explains these concepts.

Are You Living in Excel Hell?

14th June 2019

For many, Excel is still the first port-of-call for data analysis but is this really the way to go if you want to become a data-driven organisation?

The Cloud and the Data Driven Organisation

31st May 2019

If you are looking to become a data-driven organisation, leveraging the Cloud can bring some significant advantages. This blog explores the topic further.

Garbage In, Garbage Out – Using Data Profiling

24th May 2019

The oldest adage in the information world is even more relevant today. This blog explores data profiling as the first step to improving data quality and highlights some key considerations to look out for.

The Role of the Data Audit – Is Your Data Fit For Purpose?

17th May 2019

If your business is going to be driven by data then your data had better be fit for purpose. This blog explores the the role of the data audit in the journey to becoming a data-driven organisation.

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