An Introduction to Master Data Management (MDM)

4th September 2019

Master Data Management is a much misunderstood tool in the data-driven organisation’s armoury. This blog outlines the key problems that it addresses and the functionality that it provides.

The Case for Data Virtualization

16th August 2019

It is not always possible to consolidate all of your corporate data into a single data warehouse, in which case Data Virtualization is a powerful tool that can solve otherwise intractable problems. This blog outlines what data virtualization is and typical use cases.

It’s Good to Share

26th July 2019

In a world where data is a valuable asset and GDPR introduces significant responsibility, data sharing deserves a new focus. This blog explores further.

The Modern Data Architecture

19th July 2019

Leveraging cloud technologies, a modern data architecture enables a cost effective, scalable data platform to be delivered quickly. This blog explores the components of the architecture that Halpenfield deploys on a regular basis.

Warehouses, Lakes and Swamps

5th July 2019

Data warehouses and data lakes have their place in a data-driven organisation but beware that they don’t become a data swamp. This blog discusses and explains these concepts.

Are You Living in Excel Hell?

14th June 2019

For many, Excel is still the first port-of-call for data analysis but is this really the way to go if you want to become a data-driven organisation?

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